Greetings Everyone,,

In the 1970’s I started a company dealing with human iridology and herbs and called it the Herb Farm Co. I learned so much. The Herb Farm grew and in 2018 I branched off into another company and called it ‘Through the Eye’. This company dealt with human and animal iridology and wellness. With in two months ‘Through the Eye’ went international.

My husband Jack and I have been blessed with many good friends in our travels like Dr. Wanda Seitz from Back to Nature Herbs and Through the Eye International, Drs. Linda and Jim Jenks from Nature Sunshine Co, Clay Thomas from  Vitality and James Hart from Stormer.

Wanda Seitz is the owner of Back to Nature Herbs, she is Executive Director at the Southern Institute of Natural Health and has been an important part of Through The Eye International as our manager for several years. She now is taking ownership. I know she will take the company to new levels. We are so thankful for Dr. Wanda!!

       I am now headed back to the Herb Farm Co. I will be working with people and their animals understanding heavy metals (i.e. mercury, arsenic, lead, sodium salicylic acid and morphine. We will show how to recognize what we believe to be a huge barrier to you and your animal’s good health:     

          Heavy Metals, Parasites and Candida.

 I am very happy to be back on the farm to start a new chapter using iridology, herbals, hemp and heavy metal detox. I know we will help many people and their animals.

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         Thank You,     Dr. Mercedes Colburn