Please see our newly designed soft ware for human, dog, cat and horse. This amazing software will not only reduce the time it takes to perform an iridology analysis but it will also give your clients (whether they are human or animal) a detailed multi-page computerized report with directions for making positive changes in their health by suggesting vitamin/mineral supplements or dietary changes.

Additionally you can customize or edit the report by adding, subtracting or changing any of the information to print out on reports.

Please be aware that this program does not analyze the iris but only generates a report on the areas of weakness that you or a qualified iridologist has preformed.

This software generates a checklist that allows you to easily mark those items in the iris that you feel your client should be aware of. Once the checklist is established anyone can enter the results into the software.

This software is $595.00 and is successfully being used for the human , canine, feline or equine client. For human only $395.00

For more information contact Dr. Mercedes Colburn @ 831-422-9182 or