Hello Everyone,

Animal Iridology had a great Easter vacation. Jack and I had so much fun!! We have not taken any tie off in a long time. Seeing all our family and friends on the farm with new chicks, kittens and Barney the dog helping to color Easter eggs.  What a blast!!


But now back to work!!    All of our animal classes are changing.  We are now showing and teaching reflexology points in the paws of the dog and cat.  Our new equine iridology classes will include Ting points in the hooves of the horses.  We now have complete Ting point charts on the horses and will show examples in class.  We will also be introducing an exciting new herbal line that the Herb Farm is using with great success.

We are excited to show our first Equine Iridology / Ting  point class of the year:


CLASS: Equine Iridology / Ting point


WHERE: Webinar


WHEN:   July (Tues) 2 through the 30th


INSTRUCTORS     Dr. Mercedes Colburn

Dr. Wanda Seitz


You will learn so much for the care and health of your or your clients’ horse. Please don’t miss this class.

Thank you All