I am a Clinical Herbalist. I have worked in the healing arts for close to fifty years.  My business is for the betterment of all animals. I work with humans, dogs, cats and horses to help them achieve a better quality of life. My business has been very successful because I

use Iridology, Reflexology and  Nutritional Herbs, Oils, Minerals and Cannabis.

Because my small farm can only hold so many people I have now moved these clinics to:


You can sign up for any of the clinics here.

Our first clinic will be on the horses.  You will learn in this 5 week clinic how the read the eye of the horse, you will understand Ting Points and reflexology along with given formulas on how to help the animal help him self.  You will learn the importance of minerals and how they apply to your horse and how you can use Cannabis in any needed situation.

If you have pictures of the eye of your horse please bring them to the clinic for evaluation. Dr. Wanda and I will be happy to review them.

This is the first of the Animal Health and iridology Clinics.


DATE: July 2nd 2019    to    July 30th 2019


SIGN UP:     http://southerninstituteofnaturalhealth.com


Or:   Call Mercedes @831-4232-9182

Call Wanda @ 1-804-839-0723


We are looking forward to this first Animal Health and Iridology clinic.   There will be time at the end of the clinic for Q & A.  We will be able to talk to many of you if you need more information.

Thank You,

See you in the clinic,   Mercedes