What’s Up and Coming for 2018

2018 is going to be an exciting year for Animal Iridology! I wanted to let you all know what we have been working on in 2017 and what will be available in 2018.

First we have revamped the “Owner” Equine Course and to include current terminology. Second, we have updated the book Equine Iridology, As Seen through the Eye (Third Edition) to include current terminology and understanding that coincides with the current research available. And third, the Equine chart and Canine/Feline charts have been updated to include Ting Points on the back of the Equine chart and Reflexology points on the back of the Canine/ Feline chart. The above books and charts are available at http://equineiridology.com/charts_books.html   And finally, to end the year 2017, the book Iridology for Cat & Dog used in the “Owner” Canine/Feline course is in it’s final stages of publishing and will be available in the next few weeks. Please check the above web link to see the charts and books that are currently available.

For 2018, we are in the process of writing a “Practitioner” book for Animal Iridology. This is an enormous project as it will be the premiere training manual for the serious Animal Iridologist. We anticipate the release of this book to be in 2018 but do not have an exact date as we are still adding chapters of information. We ask that you please be patient with the process. We will send out updates once the book is published.

Some of Dr. Mercedes training material has been retired from print, such as the Grid Explanation manual. The information will not be gone forever but included in the new Practitioner book.

Happy Holidays Everyone and get ready for a Great Animal Iridology New Year!


Manager, Through The Eye Int’l