Welcome to Spring

This is the time of year to think about getting into your summer dresses and bathing suits (ick)!!  I recently received revolutionary research information from The Hughes Center.  This study was done by Dr. Jeffery Lamb and opened my eyes concerning the link between our diet, diabetes,  weight gain and cardiovascular compromise.  As most of you know I ended up in the hospital a few months ago. I was there for 11 days because I wasn’t practicing what I preach! This is why I am offering a 90 day  Weight and Wellness class giving you the experience of greater results with supplements than those with diet alone!       56% — more weight loss       65%—more fat loss     125% greater reduction in systolic blood pressure     66% reduction triglycerides     129% reduction in total cholesterol     80% reduction in LDL “bad cholesterol”

This is the knowlege I’ve been missing..  Please Join me in this 90 day Weight and Wellness class.  I started 2 weeks ago and I’ve already droped 12 pounds.  This class will start on April 1st  through June 3rd. This class will be full of herbalist and healers. I’m so happy to be part of this group!

Pat Richards is starting a group in Modesto Calif.  Can we start a go-meeting group where you are??

Please call Mercedes  at 422-9182 for more information.  See you in class   :0)