The first half of the year has come and gone if I listen real hard I can hear Santa’s sleigh!!. I must apoligize for having to postpone the dog and cat class as it was out of my control. I am now setting up my classes for the rest of the year and the dog and cat will be the first class offered. We have been able to add new ideas to all of our classes from human to large and small animals. It’s been pretty fun around here. We are adding a touch of reflexology to human that will validate your iridology reports by using the hands and feet. We are doing classes with the horses by using ting points (in the hoof) and the dog and cat will show reflexology points in the paws.
We have lost our animal iridology center website temportarily but will have it up soon. In the meantime I will send a link to register for the any of the classes you wold like to have. All of these classes will cover Iridology, credical points of Reflexology and suggestion on how to help the animal recover. I will go back to teaching full day classes and you will receive your ‘Certificate of Study’ and be registered with Through The Eye International if you need any help in your iridology readings