Spring Equine Iridology Course


Please join us for our class in Equine Iridology.  This class will have five webinars in addition to your course work and quizzes. You will understand the markings you will be seeing in our class and be able to recognize inflammation, approximately what stage it is in and where it is located. You will also learn to see impactions and what flexures are being compromised.

We have more professional people (i.e. holistic veterinarians, therapist, educated horse owners and trainers) that are interested in learning and knowing more about equine iridology.  This science is becoming a very well known and honored practice through Europe, Canada and throughout the United States

We have our next class starting March 28th and continuing through April 18th.  This course will be held at the Southern Institute Of Natural Health and is considered a long distance courses that you can take in the comfort on your home and on your computer.

Equine Iridology can improve and extend the life of your horse.

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831-422-9182 (Mercedes)   mercedes@equineiridology.com

804-839-0723 (Wanda)

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