THIS IS A REMINDER for people wanting to take the NEW Equine Iridology / Ting point class.  For those of you who have taken Equine Iridology and need a brush up on adding the new terminology and learning the new Ting point chart The touch up This Touch-up class is perfect for you.  To register for this class please please go to http://www.southerninsituteifnatuealhealth.com or contact Dr. Wanda Seitz at !-804-8390723.  To reach Dr. Mercedes go to:  http://www.equineiridology.com  or contact Dr. Mercedes at 1-831-422-9182. . Looking forward to our class .                                                                                Love,  Mercedes

There are more veterinarians and animal healers involved with Through the Eye now more than ever before.  In this class you will learn to recognize, among other things: inflammation, what stage it is in and where it is located.  You will also see impacting and where they are located.  You will learn about Ting points and how to locate them on the hoof of the horse to validate you iridology report.

This is a five week course.     DATES:                    February     Tues   February 20, 2018          Tues February 27, 2018

March         Tues    March 6            Tues March 13th         Tues  March 20th

PRICE:           $695.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                TOUCH-UP             $250.00
http://southerninstituteofnaturalhealth.com/courses.php#Equine Iridology

Equine Indology can improve and extend the life of your horse.  This science is becoming a  very well-known and honored practice through Europe, Canada and through out the United States.