Hello Everyone,

I hope your holidays were warm and loving and you are ready to enjoy all the benefits of 2018. There’s something exciting about getting rid of the old to make room for the new.

As promised 2018 will be an exciting year. We have designed a new equine / canine feline grid to help you expand your business by showing the Ting points (hoof reflexology points) on the back of the iridology grid.  This new grid will validate your iridology with reflexology.  It is a ‘positive’  for helping your clients understand  how your iridology report will help their horse and we can offer the same type grid for the dog and cat.. Due to the improvements of our classes and material the prices will go up after January so please sign up for the classes of your chorice now to beat the rising costs. To get these new grids please go to our ‘new and improved’ web site.  www.equine .  This website will handle all if the animals from the horse to the cat.. These new charts will be included in all of the animal classes and you will be taught how to use them. Please check with equine for the latest information and the price changes after 1/31/18