Helen Palma and I spent last week-end refreshing and being certified in oils.  What a great class Nature Sunshine put on at the Hiton in Pleasonton.

The speaker was extremely knowledgable and Helen and I left full of new information to share with everyone.

Our classes this yearv will be in English and in Spanish.  As promised we will start off with the inform classes for weight and wellness.  This class is so much more than just for losing weight. It will also be able to drop your high blood pressure . lower your cholesterol, give you back your energy to enjoy your summer.

This class is 15 weeks long and will start very soon.  We will give you more info as we get it this week. Be ready to drop 10- 50 to100 pounds and have a great time with like-minded people.  People are raving about these classes. We have all the equipment necessary to start.  I’ll be first in line.

Please call me for more information  831-422-9182