New Equine Iridology Eye Grids and Ting Point Charts.

Thank you all for your letters and kind words Our animal classes will start again the first of the year. We will not only be sharing how to use the eye    grid to help your horse or your client horse improve their health and  longevity but you will also  learn how to use the new iridology chart showing the eye of the horse on one side and the reflexology points (Ting points) on the other side.  These charts and the classes that will be offered the first of the year will give you a huge advantage in helping the horse and will lift and improve your business..

I’ll be teaching these animal (horse, dog and cat) iridology and nutrition classes at the Southern Institute Of Natural Health (www.southernintituteofnaturalhealth)  The SINH is the only accredited  college in the US, Canada and Europe that will be offering these unique   animal science classes. After registering and receiving your book and grid for this course please allow a couple of months to complete.  At the end of your course and after receiving a passing grade you will receive a beautiful Certificate showing you have accomplished your studies and you will be registered with Through The Eye and the Southern Institute of Natural Healing.

Please join us.       Love to all,   Mercedes