New Class with Iridology and Equine Essentials


I am very excited about the equine iridology class that is coming up.  You will not only be able to recognize what the eye is telling you but you will have the advantage being able to help the horse correct and balance any problems seen through the eye.  Joining me in this class is my friend /chemist /herbalist and owner of ‘Equine Essentials’ Linda Baker. Linda has the education and talent to be able to formulate to each issue that we see in the eye of the horse. Learning about equine iridology and how you can help your horse or your clients horses live happier and healthier while adding years to their life.  You will receive a beautiful ‘Certificate of Study’ after completing this class that can be framed to hang in your office.

I am happy to announce that I will teaching these classes at the Southern Institute Of Natural Health. We are putting the final touches to this exciting class and I will soon have a starting date.

Thank You