We acquired a new animal a couple of months ago.  He is a Himalayan cross cat.  He must have been beautiful at one time but when we found him he  must have been on his own for several years and was very close to death.  His body was riddled with infection.  Must have been in some big cat fights trying to survive and apparently was not the winner.  His eyes were swollen shut from infection and his back legs and hip, also infected, with open wounds. We needed a vet right away.  Luckily our God-daughter is a nurse and recently moved back on the farm with us and was able to help us get him to our vet, Dr, Dena Eckerdt. I never took pictures of him at that time because there was a huge chance he wouldn’t make it.

My partner in animal iridology is Dr. Wanda Seitz.  Dr. Wanda is brilliant in many areas and one of them has been her knowledge concerning nutritional help for animals.  She helped me chose the right minerals to give to this cat to help save his life.  TREMENDOUS SUCCESS!!

This cat, now named Jingles, is a poster child on feeding the right nutrition so the animal can heal itself.  This animal is now a beautiful Himalayan cat  No scares anywhere and eyes big and bright ( with partial sight impairment ),  This beautiful cat lives in my office now as a reminder to every one of how important nutrition is.  For more information on our NEW ANIMAL PRODUCTS: please go to http://drmercedes.my90forlife.com/     Or call Mercedes at  831-422-9182