As usual very big changes this year.  First and foremost Mercedes is now semi retired and has passed the torch of Through The Eye Int’l to our very good friend Dr. Wanda Seitz.  Dr. Wanda is one of the top iridologist in the states and the administrator and instructor in the prestigious Southern Institute of Natural Health. Jack and I are so thankful for her friendship and her ability to take this company to the next level. I will be sharing the animal iridology classroom with Dr, Seitz.

I will be going back to The Herb Farm Co. I will be working and teaching human iridology and introducing a great new  health and wellness company that I feel was meant for me and the people who work with animal and humans..I am thankful to have this company that  carries all the tools  to heal from herbals and tinctures to cannibus and oils..  Please join me to enhance your personal health and the health of your animals by calling my office   @831-422-9182 or Chris from Dr. Wallachs office @248-439-1103         Thank You and lets talk soon.   .