Exciting Times

Hello All

First I would like to send my sympathy to our friends Mack McMullan and his beautiful wife for the loss of his great horse Rolling Thunder Cloud.  I know Thunder is looking down at you and Rose with love and graditude.

I would like to move forward to an exciting new year.  I will be back in research with our manager Wand Seitz with the horses by filming the eyes of the horse with help from herbalist Helen Palma. I  am asking anyone who has film of the eye of the horse, whether it is their horse or a client horse to please send it to me at mercedes@equineiridology.com and address it to me or Wanda. To be able to list ‘Equine Iridology’ as a true science we must keep working to verify each film.

Thanks to anyone who has film of the eye of the horse to share with me. I promise you that it will put equine iridology on the map and help many, many horses and their owners..

Thank you, Mercedes