To all of you that have ask about the next class on equine iridology please let me share a letter I wrote back to our client.

. Hi Jaimee,
Thank you for your note. Dr. Wanda and I have a great class on Equine Iridology on April 2,2019. I will be speaking at the Southern Insitute Of Natural Health. This class will cover how to read the eyes of the horse using our iridology chart designed just for the horse. This chart shows the iris of the horse eye containing a unique pattern that represents a map to all the parts (or systems) and functions of the body of the horse. By looking at the markings in the various zones, an Iridologist can reveal existing or potential health challenges.I will also teach the class about Ting points and how to use them to validate your iridology findings AND we will learn some valuably suggestions on how to use herbal remedies to help your equine client.
To sign up for this class please contact Dr. Wanda at (1-804-839-7023) or write to— wanda@backtonatureherbs.net
Thank you Jaimee, Hope to see you in class,
Mercedes Colburn, PhD, ND.