Dr. Wallach’s Animal Herbal Products

We are getting ready for the first of the year “Animal Classes”. The following Herbal formula’s are designed for the animals by Joel Wallach DVM. Please keep them in mind as we study the eye’s.
These are Through The Eye Int’l recommended Animal Products:

Bloomin Minerals™ is a 100% natural humate soil conditioner and plant food containing up to 76 organically-bound earth elements. It contains no added binders or fillers. Performance features: -High organic matter and humic acid analysis -76 major trace and rare earth minerals -Increases water retention and penetration. Also used in animal feed to enhance their nutrition.

*Good Herb Inc. (Herbal Blends)

*Pancreas Support

*Adrenal Support

*Bone and Tissue Support

*Nerve Support

*Respiratory Support

*Liver / Gallbladder Support

*Kidney and Bladder Support

*Lymphatic Support

*Heart Support

*Circulatory Support

*AntiParasitic Support

*Allergy and Sinus Support

*Antimicrobial Support


Order at http://drmercedes.my90forlife.com/

Or Calling 831-422-9182