Equine Iridology ‘Learn At Home Course’
(Includes Books, Grid and Software)

The Equine Iridology Home Study Course from Through The Eye International teaches you how to do equine iris readings in a professional and competent manner. Although Equine Iridology is very similar to human iridology it is not necessary to have previous knowledge of human iridology to complete the Equine Iridology Certification Course. Equine Iridology will teach you how to read the markings in the eye of the horse. You will then be able to provide the owner with a detailed report of the integrity of their horse’s body in areas such as: constitutional strength, levels of congestion, toxic accumulations, and inherited strengths and weaknesses. You will also be able to tell if your equine client has over or under activity in specific areas of the body. While you will not be able to diagnose a disease, your findings may be enough to ensure that a trained professional or veterinarian preforms a more thorough examination.

Home Study Course

This course includes:

Course Details
The Equine Iridology Certification Course is a distance education and self-study course with the option for private tutorial sessions with: Mercedes Colburn, ND, PhD, and owner of Through The Eye International and co-developer of the equine iridology grid.

Once you order the course it will be sent to you by first class mail. You can then study as your schedule allows and choose when or if a tutorial session is needed. Once you complete the course the test included in your package of course material must be submitted to the Through The Eye office for marking. Certificates are only issued to students obtaining a grade of 80% or greater. Please find below a list of course materials, a course outline, and costs (shipping not included).

Course Outline

Price: $595.00

Contact Mercedes Colburn about Private Tutorials (1/2 hr each) - $30.00 per session (USA only)

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